European Health Card (EHIC) – Call Connection

EHIC / E111 Card Enquiries

If you do not require our third party EHIC assistance then you can reach the NHS’ European Health Card team by dialling the below 24/7 caller connection phone line. For specialist advice & support on EHIC applications, renewals, application statuses, reporting lost/stolen or replacing EHIC cards simply call…


0913 122 0011

 Open Now – Option to Connect to Live Operators: 8am to 6pm

Calls cost £2 per call and per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Calls connected to UK based phone service. This caller connection service is provided by Premium Support Ltd.

Opening Hours – This line connects to a 24hr service (voice automated) that allows you to secure a new or replacement EHIC card 24/7. The phone line also provides the ability to connect with a live agent between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday / 9am to 3pm on Saturday. This is an unaccredited call connection service. You can find health card information & support available at a lower cost from the resource.

Connect to the EHIC Helpine for..


• Applying for First EHIC Card
• Adult & Child Applications
• Replace Lost or Stolen Card
• Change of Address Notice
• Advise NHS of Name Change
• Apply for Family Members
• Advice on EHIC post Brexit
• Assistance for non-EEA nationals 

Contacting Submission Support

Help & Support Line


Currently only applicants who have applied or renewed a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) through us, Submission Support Ltd (request one here>) can contact us through our standard 0203 600 number. Those who have completed our online form can be emailed this number by completing the below..



Anyone however can email or write to us. Details here >

Want to Apply for EHIC Card Online? – We can assist you secure your first EHIC card or help you secure a replacement for a lost or stolen card via our online form >> We can also assist you with any questions that you have in regards to what the card covers, who is eligible etc and check your submission for errors and omissions.  Request your EHIC card online 24/7 via our website by clicking here >

The 0913 caller connection service costs £2 per minute with a minimum spend of £2 plus your phone company’s access charge. Callers must be 18yrs or over and have the bill payers permission to use this line. This service is not affiliated or endorsed by the govt and you can find an official, cheaper way to connect with the EHIC team via This caller connection service is provided without warranty or guarantee by Premium Support Ltd. Questions, comments or complaints can be addressed via the phone line found here >. You can also email or write to us here > We offer a full refund policy for any caller who is not satisfied with the service. Refunds will be processed within seven days via cheque or bank transfer and will be based on the amount charged on your mobile or landline bill rather then a fixed £2 per minute rate.