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GHIC / EHIC Enquiries (Caller Connection)


If you do not require any third party GHIC assistance (formerly EHIC) then you can reach the NHS’ European Health Card team by dialling the below 24/7 caller connection phone line. For specialist advice on GHIC applications, renewals, replacing lost/stolen, status of GHIC cards simply call…


Click for Number >>


Connect to the GHIC Helpine for..


• Applying for First GHIC Card
• Adult & Child Applications
• Replace Lost or Stolen Card
• Change of Address Notice
• Advise NHS of Name Change
• Apply for Family Members
• Advice on EHIC post Brexit
• Assistance for non-EEA nationals 

Contacting Submission Support

Help & Support Line


Currently only applicants who have applied or renewed a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) through Submission Support Ltd can contact them through their standard 0203 600 number. Those who have completed their online form can request their full 0203 600 number by email by completing the below..



Anyone however can email or write to them. Details here >

Want to Apply for GHIC Card Online? – Submission Support can assist you secure your first GHIC card or help you secure a replacement for a lost or stolen card via their online form >> They can also assist you with any questions that you have in regards to what the card covers, who is eligible etc and check your submission for errors and omissions. Request your GHIC card online 24/7 via their website here >

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